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Chemical Peels in Plymouth Massachusetts

A chemical peel, also known as chemexfoliation or dermapeeling, uses a chemical solution to remove layers of skin, revealing the more youthful skin underneath. Chemical peels can reduce or improve fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scars, uneven skin coloring and other skin imperfections. 

How Do I Know Which Chemical Peel To Get?

We offer 5 different VI Peel formulas that target your unique skin issues and goals. Your practitioner can recommend the peel that is right for you!

How many peels do I need to see results?

Everyone’s skin is a little different, and the number of peels needed for desired results varies from person to person, and from skin condition to skin condition. While just a single peel will achieve significant skin rejuvenation (think less pigment, smoother skin texture, and brighter, glowier skin overall), in general, we recommend a series of 3-6 peels for optimal results.

How long will I peel?

In general, you can expect to start peeling on or around day three and peel for about three to four days afterward. Each person’s peeling experience is a little different, and some may peel for more or fewer days, depending on the condition of the skin. If this is your first VI Peel, it’s also normal to peel for a longer period of time.

When Can I Wear Makeup After A chemical peel?

After the VI Peel solution is applied to the skin, no makeup or any topical products can be applied for the first 4 hours, including sunscreen! At the 4 hour mark, you can apply makeup after you've completed the "Four Hour Post Treatment" steps.

Can I Peel The Skin That Is Hanging During The Peeling Process?

Do not pull back on the skin that is shedding. It is recommended to use a clean, small cuticle scissor to trim the exfoliating skin. You can also wash the face very gently to help remove the hanging skin but be sure to not rub excessively. If washing the face multiple times a day, be sure to add moisture back to the skin by applying the Post Treatment Repair Cream (or Aquaphor if very dry).


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